Boogaloo Bubbywear originates and thrives on Salt Spring Island, a beautiful island in British Columbia's Pacific ocean, Canada. Surrounded by lush greenery, unique landscape, wildlife, and water, this is the ideal setting for inspiration and creation. Our studio location is modest and set in a forest of evergreens, deciduous, and west-coast arubutus tree.

A bit about Salt Spring Island

A large part of this community is focused on sustainable living, a healthy lifestyle, and organic farming. It is not an uncommon sight to see fresh, local produce at roadside farm-stands that was harvested that very day. On every notice board in our quaint town-centre you'll see posters for workshops in yoga, tai chi, chi gong, massage, meditation, homeopathy, herbology, singing, pottery, painting, dancing, writing, acting, gardening and most anything that encourages one to express themselves creatively. One of Salt Spring's biggest attractions is the Saturday Market in the Park, where local artisans of all descriptions come together to present their work in a fun, outdoor environment where the motto is "make it, bake it, or grow it." Salt Spring Island is the quintessential locale for any creative project, from conception through to creation.



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